I’ve been really inspired by Peta Ramia’s blog, I met her on Instagram and I absolutely love her blog, pictures and videos. There’s so many things that just inspire me so much, one of them is self care.

It’s so important to take care of ourselves, it can renew us, give us fresh energy and motivation. If we don’t, we’ll likely ignore the stress of every day life. If you’re very busy during the week, Sunday is probably the best time to take a few hours to do things you really love, and things that relaxes you.

1. Brew your favourite Tea

If you love tea, that is, or you can brew some hot chocolate or even coffee. I totally recommend something you can sip on something delicious and dreamy, like a brilliant blend of fruit tisane or sweet and aromatic hot chocolate, or even tea that help you destress, such as ginger and lemongrass.

2. Listen to your favourite music

If you love music, play it out loud. Whether it’s songs from your childhood, or ones you love on the radio, or even soundtracks from your favourite show, enjoy the beautiful music!

3. Do something creative

I find that creative things are a brilliant outlet for me, I personally love taking photos, or videos, and telling stories with it. You may love writing or even building.

Perhaps you love meditating, or working with crystals.

4. Take a warm bubble bath with salts and bath bombs

When’s the last time you took a bath? Baths can be so very relaxing. Be sure to use your favourite bath salts and bath bombs, to make the experience very unforgettable. My favourites are Lush bath bombs and those beautiful bath salts I see in stores.

You may even want to light your favourite candle! My favourite is the Tahaa candle from Glasshouse Candles. It has the most delicious, rich caramel smell.

During your bath, you can also put on your favourite face mask! I really love the Body Shop Himalayan charcoal mask.

5. Watch your favourite TV Shows

I personally LOVE watching shows that feel nostalgic to me, such as old series I saw as a kid. It brings the greatest joy and I really love having it on while I do things on the laptop. If you have a show that you really love repeating, do it!

6. Go Shopping and buy something for yourself

Shopping therapy is a thing! Go to your favourite shop and spoil yourself with something that you have been looking to buy, it may be jewellery, book, DVD, makeup or anything else.

7. Go eat at a restaurant with booth

Oh this is like one of life’s greatest experiences, sitting in a restaurant with booths, by yourself or with someone you love hanging out with, and order your favourite food and relax. You can read on the phone, read a book or even do something fun on your laptop. That’s an experience that can lift anyone’s mood!

8. Go for a walk under the sun and just think about things

This is one activity I really love doing, just going for a walk and think about things. Sometimes, when you don’t have technology to keep you busy, you can really come up with some ideas that you usually wouldn’t think of, or goals. Use this time to really think about things that make you excited about life.

9. Ride the train if you are able to!

Train rides are life’s greatest joy to me, especially riding the Queensland Rail trains through SE Queensland, it’s seriously a blessing. The sound of the train is one of the most relaxing things in the world, just seeing the trees and houses fly past, it is absolutely one of my happiest moments.

10. Connect with someone

Whether it’s a friend, family member or your partner, try and really spend some time with them just to talk, without any interruptions. You can do this over a meal, and talk about things that makes you worried or makes you happy. It feels really good connecting with people, remember how fun when you had sleepovers when you were at school? Bring those feelings back!


I totally understand that life gets so very hectic, especially if you are a mum, you may struggle with finding enough time to take a shower, but even if you can try doing one of the things listed above that makes you feel relaxed, you’re doing a wonderful thing for yourself.

Just remember that you deserve the best of care!