Latest Lucas Moments

So much has happened in the past few months, and I feel extremely terrible that I haven’t blogged at all. I’ve honestly been so busy I didn’t even log into my site for that long.

But, we have been going out heaps. Here are some highlights!


Lucas looks so absolutely adorable there, we were having a fun time eating pizza in the malls.

Here’s an older photo of Lucas I found:


OMG that little face!!


So I love to take photos at the train station and here’s one of them!


Aww, he’s poking out his tongue!


When I was walking home, I just happened to see a rainbow and had my camera so I snapped a photo of it. It was so absolutely beautiful!


Lucas has been just so adorable, making new sounds, smiling and laughing!


He also loves grabbing toys and playing with them, analysing them and just having a fun time. He loves his new teething ring that the owner of Bowerbird gave him!


Wow, he is so close to crawling! I swear!!!


So, I’ve been feeding Lucas lots of different foods lately and avocados is one of the easiest thing, I just spoon it out and give it to him. No need to mash it or blend it!


Little Lucas being so very happy! He often looks at his own photos and start laughing. God I hope that’s how he always feels about himself, that he’ll smile when he sees his own reflection!


And lastly, Lucas has been using his voice more and more!


It sounds so very angelic, adorable and just so cute.

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