How to convince someone to eat Healthy?

It’s brilliant that we, ourselves are interested in being healthy, but that’s not always the case with friends or family members. In fact, some can be pretty stubborn in remaining their ways. I feel that the best way to convince someone to eat healthy is to show them that they can still eat lots of things they enjoy, but have healthier versions. However, here’s a full list of what you can do.


Define Healthy

Firstly, I feel the most important thing is to convince them that eating healthy isn’t all about eating two apples, a bunch of green leaves and a salad each day. There are SO MANY deliciously healthy foods that are healthy. Our body craves for sweetness and fatty foods, but don’t forget, there’s better things than white sugar, such as fruits. Craving for fatty foods? Nuts are absolutely a Godsend. The plant which makes chocolate, cacao, that’s healthy too!

Share Success Stories

Many people may want more proof that what you’re doing is right, and that it will actually help them. You can share interviews of successful people eating healthy or tell them how eating healthy has helped you. Whatever it is, share stories!

Food Swaps

You can do fun little food swaps, particularly for desserts, if they’re not so willing to give up certain foods. They may not realise, but taste buds aren’t 100% that picky with what type of sweet foods you put in your mouth. Healthy food aren’t meant to taste bad, and these people may not even realise that!

Buy them a Blender

This is a bit of a long shot, and only do it if you can afford it, but for many people – they probably want to eat healthier but don’t really have the way to do that. One of the greatest tools you’ll ever need to eat healthier is a blender, and a good one. Buy them a Vitamix, show them how to use it and let them try out a recipe or two on how to use it, and they are probably going to get hooked.

Frighten Them

I don’t mean go “BOO” when they’re not looking with a ghost mask, what I mean is, you can tell them to picture themselves very ill and unable to do what they usually enjoy, and how they can prevent it by taking action now. I’m sure nobody wants to think about them getting some kind of terminal illness and being stuck in hospital, but the thing is, unless we’ve experienced it, it’s hard for us to feel that fear, and it’s usually some type of fear that motivates us to eating well.

Blend and Salt it Up

Eating vegetables is one of the keys to eating healthy, and there are two brilliant ways to eat it without it turning nasty. You can blend it with fruits, so that it’s nice and sweet (and you don’t taste the vegetables at all), or add a little salt. There’s no need to go over with it, but you wouldn’t imagine just how much flavour a bit of salt gives it. I also recommend Himalayan salt if you can afford it, that is the greatest salts of them all!

Inspire Them

Sometimes, inspirational stories or websites can really motivate a person. I’ve been motivated so much by reading some websites and hearing personal stories about how they used to eat and how they eat now. Share websites like The Wellness Warrior, or Young on Raw Food.

Good luck in whoever you are trying to convince. Always remember this rule: Food must taste good, and nourish us. If all I ate were salads each day, I probably wouldn’t survive eating healthy.

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Susanna is the founder of The Snow Fairy. She’s super gluttonous and seeks to eat delicious, yet mostly healthy foods all the time, she loves photography, creativity, beautiful and cute things and can either be crazy passionate or be bored easily. She loves writing for her website and helping people, as well as be inspired and share what she has learned with others.


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