Garden Fairyland Photoshoot

I used to be so jealous when I saw photos of nature and there’s this amazing background blur. I spent hours researching to what they did to make the photo so amazing, and I am so excited I finally figured it out.


Camera used: Canon 6D

Lens: EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM

I recently gotten the chance to use the 85mm and it’s so flipping amazing I’m about to die. The lens can be tricky to use, because you have to stand at a certain distance for the focus to work, as if you stand too close, it will be blurry.


I used Florabella Photoshop Actions to process my image. After each action, I would flatten the image. The actions I used:

Florabella Colorplay Action: Perfect Colour
Florabella Luxe II – Smitten 20%
Florabella Color & Light Actions – Diffused Light Glow (Movable)
Florabella Spring Set II – Vignette II – 30%
Florabella Colorplay Actions – Peace 70%


Rustic Wood Backdrop for Photography

I have to write about this experience because I was able to take something big out of it! So I walked past my local florist shop, and I saw this giant piece of “wood” that was perfect. It was the most amazing, large piece of rustic wood I have ever seen, and I wanted to know if they were selling it, even though I had a feeling it could be for decoration.


What they had was not really wood, but wallpaper stuck on a large photo frame. The wallpaper had a rough texture so it really felt like real wood. Guess what? They were also using that for photography! Needless to say, it wasn’t for sale, but they did tell us they got it at Masters.

If you live in Australia and looking to buy some wallpaper that can fool anyone into think it was wood, check that out! I couldn’t believe that I had missed this. Here I thought it was real wood.

House of York Wallpaper – Blue Wash Wood

Cost of the Wallpaper: $80.00


You can buy a block of anything flat, or like the florist, use a large photo frame and stuck the wallpaper on it to use for photography! It’s much more affordable and you can have it at a pretty decent size. I plan on using that for when I want to take newborn photography, or some items I may want to review.


I just walked into the florist, asked how they did it and tips on making it, the lady was all happy to sell it to me and make another one!

Canon Camera Lenses Comparison: 135mm vs 85mm vs 35mm

Whenever I try to find information online about the difference, say, between 135mm and 85mm lens, the responses confuse the heck out of me, so much that it makes me feel dumber than I did before I started. I also can never really understand the aperture thing, or the thing that says f1.8 or f1.2.

Let me start off by saying, that anything with aperture 1.8 and above cannot be zoomed, so you have to either stand far or close to get the shot you want.

The difference between the lenses is this:

Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Lens

You will need to be at a pretty big distance to your subject to get a portrait. So, if you need to shoot in cramped spaces, this is not the lens for you. However, if you are going to be quite far from your subject, this is the one to go. Think about it. When you’re taking the photo, do you want to be standing like 5 meters away from your subject? Of course, if you are trying to photograph people on stage or something, or doing sport, this is really nice.

The highest aperture for this lens if 2, which means you will get a pretty decent background blur.

Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM Lens

This is the grand lens that all the professionals want to get their hands on, and I totally understand why!

The reason being, that with an aperture of 1.2, you can get a really amazing background blur. The higher the number (1.2 is the highest), the bigger the blur, the lower the number (like 4), you will see that the blur isn’t all that great.

85mm is when you can stand at like about a meter or two away from the subject and get a pretty decent shot of the person’s upper body. For a whole body shot, you probably want a lens that’s less than 85mm. This is great for newborn babies, as well as portrait from the waist up.

Difference between f/1.2 and 1.8: You can clearly see the quality difference if you take a photo with 1.8 vs the 1.2. The 1.2 has better lighting, the image looks simply astonishing.

Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM Lens

This one is great if you want to take a portrait of someone’s entire body, without stepping too far away. Remember that the smaller the mm is, the less distance you have to be for you to take the person’s photo, so you would be able to take a photo of my entire body if you were just two meters away, whereas for an 85mm, you’d need to step further than that.

Also, remember that this lens cannot zoom.

So hopefully this can somehow unravel a little mystery for exactly what difference are the lens. Of course, there are other lenses available which I didn’t really have time to test, but I wanted to write an easy to understand version where I’m comparing the few, without making it so confusing for people to understand. Hope this made it somewhat easier for you, because I know I never understood by reading the articles cos I felt they were aimed for professionals who really knew their terms.