Sleepy Lucas Photoshoot

I ordered two really cute little hats from stylishbabyhats on Etsy and they came a couple of days ago. I managed to take some photos of him today wearing them.

Sleepy Owl


















He just looks so absolutely perfect here. He was asleep for the perfect amount of time while I snapped the photos as fast as I could. Love this little guy so much!

Crystal White Ring Stack Inspiration

I’ve been really expanding and loving my ring collection lately and today, finally took a photo of one of my favourite stacking combinations. I’ve been spending way too much on rings lately and I am so excited about exercising my creativity here.





Dress: 100 Degree Dress


Bohomoon – Emie Arrow Stacking Ring, Cut Out Crescent Moon Midi Ring
Shop Dixi –¬†Wishbone Ring *Midi
Whitest Hour – Lux clear crystal ring, My Supernova Ring
Wanderlust Jewellery – Layla Moonstone Ring

I do plan on doing a full photoshoot with these jewels and when more arrives, but gotta get to a nice location first. This was just taken in the comfort of my own house, haha!

Lucas’ Newborn Photography

I was really disappointed in myself that I didn’t bring Lucas to do some newborn photography and our house is a disaster. There’s no room to take photos. I had bought some newborn photography equipment but never got around to use it cos I just didn’t know how to set it up well.

But, Lucas was getting bigger by the day and I was also pretty jealous every time I logged on Etsy because all the favourites of the newborn equipment along with the beautiful photos made me feel quite bad cos it kept reminding me that I wasn’t able to take the photos. I just thought I’d try my luck and I did it!

Lucas’ 6 Week Old Photography


He cooperated so amazingly here.


I had to get up on a ladder and it made me almost shit my pants in fear but I did it!


So cute and sleepy!

Now the following is a pose I’ve forever wanted and didn’t think I could ever get, as he’s always squirmy in this position, but because I got him at 9am when he’s sleepy, he just slept through the whole thing.


So the tip here is to get babies in their sleepy period.


That’s usually in the morning, when they’re the calmest and sleepiest, I find.

I just can’t believe I pulled it off! Of course, photoshopping these was another challenge because I had to edit out a lot of things as I didn’t even have a good backdrop for a couple of the images. But, photoshop is a live saver.

I’m almost thinking of getting into photography but it’s gonna be a challenging start. I know I can do it, I know in my heart I can take photos just as great as any photographers, but it’s the equipement that’s the hardest to get, as that cost a lot! But, I’m still gonna try!

Garden Fairyland Photoshoot

I used to be so jealous when I saw photos of nature and there’s this amazing background blur. I spent hours researching to what they did to make the photo so amazing, and I am so excited I finally figured it out.


Camera used: Canon 6D

Lens: EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM

I recently gotten the chance to use the 85mm and it’s so flipping amazing I’m about to die. The lens can be tricky to use, because you have to stand at a certain distance for the focus to work, as if you stand too close, it will be blurry.


I used Florabella Photoshop Actions to process my image. After each action, I would flatten the image. The actions I used:

Florabella Colorplay Action: Perfect Colour
Florabella Luxe II – Smitten 20%
Florabella Color & Light Actions – Diffused Light Glow (Movable)
Florabella Spring Set II – Vignette II – 30%
Florabella Colorplay Actions – Peace 70%


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