Bowerbird’s First Birthday

I went to one of my favourite store, Bowerbird’s first birthday.


I discovered this store as I was going for my daily walk and the people there are so so very nice, absolutely friendly and it’s just one of the best stores. I mean, handmade stuff I’d usually find on Etsy, how can it not be the best?


They had cupcakes, face painting and even food at the back, lots of delicious baked sweets!

Etsy Spotlight: Jenneliserose

Etsy Store: Jenneliserose

What’s Sold: Extremely beautiful vintage items such as teacups, floral heart pillows with pretty flowers, doilies, paintings, fairy ball gowns, and many other delicate, astounding pieces of work.

Handmade Fairy Ball Gown

Handmade Ribbon Work Floral Heart Pillow Ornament

Beautiful Vintage Unmarked Porcelain Creamer

Beautiful Embellished Vintage Tatting Lace Collar

I stumbled across this store while browsing for people to follow on Instagram and immediately ordered the fairy ball gown and heart ornament. I’m so in love with these and have never seen anything so amazingly made. Go and check it out!

T2 Tea at Brisbane City

This is one of my favourite stores to go to, ever!


The people are just so friendly there, and my favourite thing is, they make tea taste AMAZING! They had some amazingly beautiful tea cups on display. I really wanted to get the yellow one, except ran out of money. I do get the feeling if I were to buy that, I would want to get 3 of the same so I know if I accidentally destroy one, I’ll have many more.


(Mango twister sample)

My favourite sample today was the mango twister one in their newest T2 Cool Sorts. There was a creamy taste and it was so deliciously sweet! They always inspire me with new ways to make tea with adding different fruits inside!


I was really lucky to bump into a friend today, Bec. We had a really fun time shopping at T2.

Not only that, T2 always has this sample tasting there, they have 2-3 or sometimes even 4 different types of tea, usually half cold (fruit teas without caffine) and other warm. T2 is the only place in the world that changed my partner’s view on Tea. She hated all tea until she tried T2’s.


This was another wonderful tasting tea, Juicy Ginger. It had a very subtle ginger taste, with a slight hint of sweetness. The other day, I had another sip of amazing tea, it was lemon grass and ginger. Mmm, so good!


There’s a great display of different tea on one of the tables. I LOVE the rose buds!!


The green tea part is amazing, I really need to get their organic matcha because the colour is so perfect. I’ve never seen matcha so lovely and light green!


There’s another great stack of tea and teacups on the other side! How will I ever know what tea I need to buy with all these CHOICES?


Bec bought the delicious Turkish apple crumble! The people there were so kind enough to even brew some just for us to taste! I really love how the apple had this vanilla smell to it, and it was really sweet in a subtle way. I need to get some next time!


Another great sample here, this one wasn’t sweet. I really love how they have some samples with sweetness and others not! I can definitely say that whenever they have the tasting ones, it makes me want to buy them right away. I got the fruitalicious last time because it tasted so good!


Look at that giant mountain of tea goods. I really love all these diffusers too, though I personally love to chew on the fruit tea so I don’t really need one of those.


This is the really nice lady there who let me take photos of the place, I love how she was so friendly and happy for me to take the photos. I definitely did that to rave on about how much I love the place.


A final shot before we left the place. T2 is totally amazing and everyone must go there and buy the most delicious tasting tea ever!

Rainbow Unicorn Collection

I don’t know about you, but I love rainbows, and unicorns, and combine them together, they’re so magical and makes anything exciting.


I have been finding some amazing rainbow unicorn items on Etsy and random stores online, and wanted to share some with you. These are mostly through Etsy, some links may have expired, so please go to the seller’s store if that happens. You will probably see the item relisted under a different URL.

Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug: I just love the details put in this mug! It looks like a brilliant and seriously so cute and I can totally imagine myself drinking a warm cup of cocoa with it, or my daily tea.

01 Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug

(via uncommongoods)

Girls Unicorn Dress: I really love this as an idea for a party, or photography. It looks so cute on the girl, I just love the colours.

02 Girls Unicorn Dress


Mug in Unicorn we Trust: Another absolutely adorable mug with cute, cute designs of unicorns. I just love how the unicorns are drawn here, the writing also goes super well with it!

03 Mug in Unicorn we Trust

(via Sobigraphie)

Rainbow Ice Cream Long Curly Wig: This item may not be unicorn specific, but if you want to cosplay a rainbow unicorn, it’s the perfect wig cos it’s the colour of a rainbow! It will be brilliant if you use this along with the unicorn circlet.

04 Harajuku Cos Wig Rainbow Ice Cream Long Curly Wig Lolita Cosplay Wig

(via BabyHandprint)

Lavender Unicorn Headpiece: Wow, this unicorn headpiece is so amazing, it’s a soft lavender colour and even includes a few flowers. It looks so pretty for cosplay!

05 Lavender Unicorn Headpiece

(via Frecklesfairychest)

Kawaii Unicorn Necklace: This necklace is so freaking adorable! It’s a beautifully cute necklace with charms and a clay unicorn. It goes so wonderful with anything pink and purple!

06 Kawaii Unicorn Necklace

(via SentimentalDollieZ)

Lavender Unicorn Horn Circlet: I first saw Michelle Phan wearing this and I just loved it so much! Though it’s hard to really find the opportunity to cosplay a unicorn, this circlet looks so darn perfect! Perhaps you can use it for Halloween or the next convention.

07 Michelle Phan Lavender Unicorn Horn Circlet

(via FireflyPath)

Rainbow Unicorn Plush: A really cute rainbow unicorn plush that’s crocheted. It’s perfect for toddlers and babies to snuggle with, and has such vibrant colours.

08 Unicorn Plush

(via MarigurumiShop)

Hope you enjoy shopping at those stores and buy plenty of rainbows and happiness! Let me know if you’ve bought any of the item and how they turned out! I would totally get it all if my bank wasn’t broke already!

How to Buy Jewellery and Clothes on a Bargain

We all want to buy the most amazing, expensive things that make us look the best, but it’s difficult when you are not rich. Heck, even though I would love to spend $100 on a ring and review it for the site, it’s simply impossible with my current budget, and I am pretty sure most people are on the same boat.


Here are my suggestions how to pick bargains:

1. Save for a big sale, usually on days like Black Friday or Boxing Day Sale. If you can put away $10 each week for that one time of the year, you can save up to 50%-70% during the sales. I went in Valley Girl the other day buying two pieces of jewellery that should have been $18 or something and I nearly fainted in surprise when the cashier said it was $6. Wow! Even sometimes when it’s not a holiday or special day, there could be big sales. Look out at all times!

If you are shopping online, look out for sales too! Sometimes, the site may have special events that give you a 10-40% discount with a special code. Be sure you make good use of that!


(Dixi on Instagram)

2. Before you buy it expensive, see if a cheaper version exist of the same quality. You may find that certain jewellery that cost hundreds to buy in an expensive store may cost $10 in a cheaper store. The quality may not be as good, but it probably won’t make all that much of a difference. My favourite jewellery stores are Claires and Lovisa.

Sometimes, a website may sell a piece of jewellery for $50, but you may find it on Ebay or Etsy for much cheaper. Always do your search and buy wisely. Do the same if you are buying something in store, be sure to check if Ebay has it cheaper!


(If you have an account, put your favourites in a watch list!)

3. Always follow the shop’s facebook, twitter and instagram because the latest sales and news are always posted on these social networks!

4. Look for stores like K-Mart or Walmart for clothes, sometimes there are amazing looking jeans for only $8, they are great quality and don’t lose out to the ones that cost $80. There are also really cool stores like Supre and dELiAs that sells clothes for much less.

Love Is All Around Tank dEliAs

(dELiAs Love Is All Around Tank)

5. If you really love something that’s expensive, it’s totally okay to buy it, except don’t buy everything at once. Limit yourself each month, for example: With every pay I get, I can spend $50-$100 on a piece of clothing or jewellery that I really love.

Happy shopping, guys! I know that for Australians, it’s the time where most shops are almost done with the sales. Hope you find some really great bargains!

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