Remedy for Capsaicin and Chili Pepper Burn on Hands

Okay, I did something really silly a few weekends ago. I cut these extra hot spicy cayenne peppers, then started messing with the seeds with my bare hands. You can probably imagine the aftermath. It started of stinging a little in between the fingers, until I soon felt burns so strong that I was unable to concentrate on anything except the pure hell that the pain brought. It was worse than many other pains I’ve felt, yet no actual damage is done to my hands. Crazy, isn’t it?

I looked up a million different remedies and tried everything, only a couple actually worked, which I will tell you how to do it:

1. Start freezing a lot of ice and ice water and apple cider vinegar because you are gonna need it. Have a rotating number of ice water bowls ready to soak your hands into. Get someone to help you bring out the ice water as you need it, and if you have an ice pack, put that on your hands.

2. Get a small bowl of extra virgin olive oil. This is the most important part – Rub the oil all over your hands and LEAVE IT ON FOR TWO HOURS, no matter how painful it is. Try and keep it on as long as you can. If the pain is too intense, try rubbing oil on for 10 minutes, take it off, put your hands in ice water and try again.

3. Have some ice cold apple cider vinegar in another bowl, and soak your hands in that after cleaning it from the olive oil.

4. Avoid anything warm or hot, that includes the stove, water from the tap, etc.

5. If you still feel the sting, rub more olive oil on your hands, do not use your hands at all in the meantime and keep the oil on for as long as it takes until the pain decreases. The olive oil works like wonders, but it takes time.

At first, I was a bit too impatient and rubbed the olive oil off my hands too fast, so it didn’t work as well. At first when I applied it, it actually stung even more, so don’t be tricked by the initial burst of pain. Do not cook food at all, it will probably kill your hands! For me, I had to hold some ice for a while, then apply the olive oil in 15 minute segments, along with dipping my hands in cold apple cider vinegar and ice water before I was able to keep the olive oil on for two hours. To end on an important reminder, wear gloves next time you work with hot chili peppers!