Etsy Spotlight: Jenneliserose

Etsy Store: Jenneliserose

What’s Sold: Extremely beautiful vintage items such as teacups, floral heart pillows with pretty flowers, doilies, paintings, fairy ball gowns, and many other delicate, astounding pieces of work.

Handmade Fairy Ball Gown

Handmade Ribbon Work Floral Heart Pillow Ornament

Beautiful Vintage Unmarked Porcelain Creamer

Beautiful Embellished Vintage Tatting Lace Collar

I stumbled across this store while browsing for people to follow on Instagram and immediately ordered the fairy ball gown and heart ornament. I’m so in love with these and have never seen anything so amazingly made. Go and check it out!

White Fairytale Bedroom Decor Inspiration

I saw this and died. If only I could live in a fairytale dream like this, my life would be complete!


(Photography by Trevor Tondro)

I was first searching up fairytale bedroom decors and somehow led me to this image, which absolutely blew me away. Later, I discovered it was from My Shabby Streamline Studio, a beautiful, small white dream house for anyone to work in. I can’t imagine being inside a house like this, I would be flowing with inspiration, though scared to touch anything in case I dirty it!


I’m sure that some of you dreamed of a home like this, though you may not live in a romantic Victorian cottage like it, you can always make the inside look as fairytale like as possible. I don’t really mean the stories for kids, but more like a dream, fantasy world where magic happens.


(Image Source: NY Times)

To build a home like this, you’d need to go to lots of different antique stores and see what you can find. I have made a list of stores where it sells similar items. It may not be exactly like this, but use these as inspiration!


Search Terms: Shabby chic, vintage, white, ruffles, embroidered, antique, rustic, furniture, home, decor.

Where to Buy:

Rachel Ashwell: Shabby Chic Couture

White Petticoat Tablecloth

(Awesome Items: Petticoat White Bedding Collection, Chandeliers & Sconces, White Petticoat Tablecloth.)

Etsy: Vintage Chic Furniture

Etsy: Audrey tablecloth features 4 layers of Ruffles

Etsy: AlternativeBlooms – Paper Flowers

Blush paper flower Bouquet

(Blush paper flower bouquet)

Etsy: CloudHunterCo: Shabby Chic Home Decor

Tufted French Louis XV Painted Parlor Chair