T2 Tea at Brisbane City

This is one of my favourite stores to go to, ever!


The people are just so friendly there, and my favourite thing is, they make tea taste AMAZING! They had some amazingly beautiful tea cups on display. I really wanted to get the yellow one, except ran out of money. I do get the feeling if I were to buy that, I would want to get 3 of the same so I know if I accidentally destroy one, I’ll have many more.


(Mango twister sample)

My favourite sample today was the mango twister one in their newest T2 Cool Sorts. There was a creamy taste and it was so deliciously sweet! They always inspire me with new ways to make tea with adding different fruits inside!


I was really lucky to bump into a friend today, Bec. We had a really fun time shopping at T2.

Not only that, T2 always has this sample tasting there, they have 2-3 or sometimes even 4 different types of tea, usually half cold (fruit teas without caffine) and other warm. T2 is the only place in the world that changed my partner’s view on Tea. She hated all tea until she tried T2’s.


This was another wonderful tasting tea, Juicy Ginger. It had a very subtle ginger taste, with a slight hint of sweetness. The other day, I had another sip of amazing tea, it was lemon grass and ginger. Mmm, so good!


There’s a great display of different tea on one of the tables. I LOVE the rose buds!!


The green tea part is amazing, I really need to get their organic matcha because the colour is so perfect. I’ve never seen matcha so lovely and light green!


There’s another great stack of tea and teacups on the other side! How will I ever know what tea I need to buy with all these CHOICES?


Bec bought the delicious Turkish apple crumble! The people there were so kind enough to even brew some just for us to taste! I really love how the apple had this vanilla smell to it, and it was really sweet in a subtle way. I need to get some next time!


Another great sample here, this one wasn’t sweet. I really love how they have some samples with sweetness and others not! I can definitely say that whenever they have the tasting ones, it makes me want to buy them right away. I got the fruitalicious last time because it tasted so good!


Look at that giant mountain of tea goods. I really love all these diffusers too, though I personally love to chew on the fruit tea so I don’t really need one of those.


This is the really nice lady there who let me take photos of the place, I love how she was so friendly and happy for me to take the photos. I definitely did that to rave on about how much I love the place.


A final shot before we left the place. T2 is totally amazing and everyone must go there and buy the most delicious tasting tea ever!

Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausage & Mushroom Pie Review

Today, I am reviewing two Linda McCartney vegetarian foods, the Vegetarian Sausage and Vegetarian Mushroom Pie. I tried both of them in the past month and they were spectacular.

Vegetarian Mushroom Pie


This was our Christmas breakfast and I have to say, the taste blew me away. I brushed a little oil and milk on top of the crust and baked it for about 35 minutes at 200C in the oven.

I always remembered the good old childhood days when I ate meat pie and how great the crust was. I wasn’t sure if the vegetarian version would come close, and when I bit into it, it definitely did. The crust was flaky, delicious and just how I remembered it. I literally felt deja vu while I ate it, as I used to love peeling the pie crust to eat it little by little with tomato sauce and saving the crust for last.

The filling is slightly fragrant and sweet, it has delicious tasting mushrooms and lentil, and it was so perfect!

The only problem was, one pie was not enough for me, and because I made it for both me and my partner, we kind of felt really hungry for more afterwards. So if you are getting this for two, buy two packets so you can each eat two pies. Mmmm, so absolutely delicious, I can’t believe no meat was in it!

Vegetarian Sausages


I decided to try these because I wanted to cook some pasta with sausages but didn’t want to overeat on meat as I had trouble health wise with eating too much of them, so I hoped these would have a delicious sausage taste just like the real ones, and wow it was amazing! These are great with stews and soups as well, as it brings out the taste of herbs like bay leaves, thyme even more.

The taste is really amazing, it has that smoky sausage flavour with that lush herbal taste.

I cooked these not only in pasta, but made it for breads as well. I totally suggest baking these in the oven with a dash of oil, then eating it with a piece of bread and add some tomato sauce (ketchup). The flavour is really amazing, it would totally fool me with believing this was real meat!

I bought the Linda McCartney sausage and pie at the frozen section at Woolworths.

Pana Chocolates are the Best

If you live in Australia and haven’t tried Pana Chocolate, you are missing out on life!


I first found out about these when I was at Biome in the city, where I was testing out all types of chocolates, and Pana caught my eye. I just decided to buy one to try it, and oh man, my life has been changed since then. Pana chocolate somehow has matchless taste, it has that creamy, melt in your mouth feeling that some of the highest grade chocolates have, and this is made with much healthier ingredients. Even though the price isn’t cheap, it’s totally worth every cent.

My favourite flavours: Raw Cacao, Coconut and Goji and Nuts


If you ask me why I love it so much, it’s because it’s so soft and creamy, I have never liked chocolates that are hard to bite into. These are similar to Belgium chocolates I had years ago, where it’s so soft it melts in your mouth, no matter what the temperature is. It’s a perfect combination of ingredients to make it that way.


And then, I saw these on their Instagram and I am devastated!


Here’s another picture just to make you drool more. Go follow their instagram to be tortured every day!

What really impresses me is that they’re not only great at making delicious chocolates, they’re amazingly talented decorators. If you see all their cakes, each one of them is decorated with care, and makes you not even want to eat it because of how amazing it looks. This is the work of an artist!

Because I don’t live in their local area to be able to buy them! ARGHGHGH!!! Why must life be the way it is! Their address is 91 Church St, Richmond VIC. so if you’re anywhere close, pay them a visit and eat a few of these cakes for me. I know I will be definitely heading there whenever I go to Victoria.


As for buying Pana Chocolate at stores, I get them at Fundies at Corinda, as well as Biome in the city and some other health food stores all around. They are worth every cent, because the luxury of eating them is something I can’t express in words.