Chatterbox at Toowong

I went to Chatterbox at Toowong on the weekend. God the food was good!




I ordered a little starter, toast with almond butter and activate hazelnuts. Oh wow, what a brilliant idea! It was so well presented.

For our main, we ordered bolognese (for my partner):


And risotto for me, without the cheese.


I totally recommend Chatterbox, it’s on top floor in Toowong and it has absolutely delicious tasting foods with beautiful presentation!

Wagaya at Fortitude Valley

OMG, today was the very first day I have gone out to a restaurant since Lucas was born. I kept putting it off cos I was afraid he’d contract some horrible illness, also the idea of being in public with him and potentially nowhere to change him was scary to me, but I finally braced my fears and went out. It was flipping fantastic!


We chose Wagaya in Fortitude Valley because it was a place I had always wanted to try, because the food looked great, it was cheap and the photos on the site had amazing booths. Boy were we blown away. AMAZING PLACE! The entire restaurant was practically packed with booths, our dreams came true!


We ordered through this touchscreen computer./


We had some delicious spring rolls first. My god it was mouth watering, and too little!

Then, we had some octopus balls, which tasted very interesting.


Then I had the bento box with chicken, OMG it was so very filling. I should not have ordered the extra rice cos I could barely finish the box, it also came with miso soup!


Bec, Andrea and I had an awesome time. Poor little Lucas had a lot of stranger anxiety but I held him almost the entire time and made sure he knew he was safe. I also got Auntie Bec to hold him a few times so he can get used to her and know that she’s nice. I hope he remembers her next time!!


But despite that, I actually managed to snap a couple of photos of Lucas and Auntie Bec…


With Auntie Bec teaching him all sorts of cheekiness!


We took some photos outside in the end and it was truly a perfect place to take photos.


Look at how stunning Bec looked there. OMG!


So yes, the experience at Wagaya was fantastic, though I really wanted to try a lot of the dinner menu so we will come back one day for dinner cos there’s amazing pizza then. The food tasted so good and for the price, it’s so absolutely worth it. I felt so very full afterwards and can’t wait to go again.

Afterwards, we hung out at one of the malls and looked around the markets. What a fun day!

Grill’d: Brisbane City

OMG, we went to have our second meal at Grill’d today. Last time I went, I didn’t have my camera, so damn, didn’t get a chance to take photos.


This place is amazing, it has booths, the burgers are made to be healthy, and it’s cheaper than eating at many other restaurants. We’ve been so crazy about this place, and I love the chips there too, mmmm!

So yes, the last time I came, I tried both the veggie burgers and they were AMAZING.


This time, I was determined to try one of the beef burgers cos I always wanted to try it. Haven’t had one in years!


(I am getting rather excited about food!)


So my partner and I both ordered the Summer Sunset, it’s a beef burger with avocado, salad relish, herbed mayo and golden pineapple. Oh man it was so absolutely wonderful! I really loved the taste. I haven’t tasted a burger this good for so long.


We ordered two types of chips, Thick-cut chips with Grill’d herb mix and Sweet Potato Chips, which went so perfect with herbed mayo. The regular chips were amazing with the tomato relish, which is better than any tomato sauce/ketchup I’ve ever tasted.


I seriously love the chips, it is so mouthwatering, and it’s filling too! I was luckily able to feel full after eating it!


Last time, we tried out the low carb superbun, it was really amazing as well, tasted like pancake in a way!

Previously, we have also tried the Garden Goodness veggie burger, which was so divine I could just eat it all day long. It has such a thick bed of veggies that it’s amazingly filling!


The veggie burger pattie is great too! There’s a green colour, and a subtle potato taste. I don’t know what’s in there, except that there’s carrots, but it’s delicious!

We finally caved in at one stage and ordered the zucchini chips, and it was AMAZING! Crunchy and so good! We’ll definitely be ordering it again.


I love that there are these amazingly comfortable booths to sit in, and the staff are so friendly and unless you go in on a huge sale day where there’s thousands of people in there, the food comes really fast as well!

Thai Malila Restaurant


87 Cook Street, Oxley, Queensland 4075


Today, we went to a really local restaurant called Thai Mailia. We actually passed this every time we go to the train station but never had the chance to check it out but since we’re heading towards the city and was starving, we thought it was the perfect opportunity.

The restaurant looked so clean and beautiful!


It was all set up for Christmas, which was really amazing. I just love the colours!

The menu looked mouthwatering as well, and we took a little time looking through them. I always love looking through the menu of a restaurant cos I’m picturing myself eating soon!


The tables inside were set up really neatly and love all the glasses as well!

One thing I always really loved doing was to look at the menu and it’s terrible that every time after we order, I still want to look at it and drool over the delicious sounding foods!


So finally, we made our minds up. I ordered the Pad Sesame while my partner ordered the Thai Fried Rice.

We watched as the chief cooked and so excitedly waited for our food. The moment the person brings you food at a restaurant is truly amazing!



Pad Sesame – Stir-fried thick egg noodle with sesame seeds, sesame oil, capsicum, onion, bean sprouts, vegetables and sweet soy sauce.
(With roast duck)



Thai Fried Rice – Jasmine rice stir-fried egg, onion, shallots and vegetables.
(With chicken)

We ended up swapping about half of it so we could get a taste of each, and I LOVED BOTH SO VERY MUCH that I’m determined to come back and try more dishes soon! It was seriously amazing, the fried rice tasted so amazing, the Pad Sesame was nice and sweet, delicious. I also got a large order of rice cos I love everything with rice!


It was such an amazing experience we’re so gonna go back soon!!

Pig ‘N’ Whistle

Pig 'N' Whistle_001

Today, we went to Pig ‘N’ Whistle in Indooroopilly, which was a really fancy looking restaurant. We wanted to go because it had really awesome booths! The food was delicious, though a bit expensive.

Pig 'N' Whistle_002

One thing my partner and I love doing while waiting for the food is play games like hang man and guess what I’m thinking, where we pick a word and let the other person ask questions to try and guess it. It’s always been a fun thing we love doing.

The bill came down to about $60, and we ordered Satay Chicken, Beef burger for my partner and bread with dipping sauces for both of us.

Pig 'N' Whistle_003

Toasted bread and Dip: Artisan sourdough, rocket & cashew dip, hommus, pumpkin & cashew dip.

Pig 'N' Whistle_004

Sizzling Satay Chicken: Chicken, pineapple, sweet onions & vegetables in a spicy peanut sauce, steamed jasmine rice

I really enjoyed what I ate, it was so good! The chicken satay was quite sweet, and I enjoyed the bread, though I thought it was nowhere near enough because I was so started, that I was seeing stars.

If you want to get the really good booths, I suggest go as soon as they’re open, which is around 11am in the morning.

Pig 'N' Whistle_005

Overall, this was a really awesome restaurant, though not very vegetarian friendly, but have high quality food.

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