Chatterbox at Toowong

I went to Chatterbox at Toowong on the weekend. God the food was good!




I ordered a little starter, toast with almond butter and activate hazelnuts. Oh wow, what a brilliant idea! It was so well presented.

For our main, we ordered bolognese (for my partner):


And risotto for me, without the cheese.


I totally recommend Chatterbox, it’s on top floor in Toowong and it has absolutely delicious tasting foods with beautiful presentation!

Wagaya at Fortitude Valley

OMG, today was the very first day I have gone out to a restaurant since Lucas was born. I kept putting it off cos I was afraid he’d contract some horrible illness, also the idea of being in public with him and potentially nowhere to change him was scary to me, but I finally braced my fears and went out. It was flipping fantastic!


We chose Wagaya in Fortitude Valley because it was a place I had always wanted to try, because the food looked great, it was cheap and the photos on the site had amazing booths. Boy were we blown away. AMAZING PLACE! The entire restaurant was practically packed with booths, our dreams came true!


We ordered through this touchscreen computer./


We had some delicious spring rolls first. My god it was mouth watering, and too little!

Then, we had some octopus balls, which tasted very interesting.


Then I had the bento box with chicken, OMG it was so very filling. I should not have ordered the extra rice cos I could barely finish the box, it also came with miso soup!


Bec, Andrea and I had an awesome time. Poor little Lucas had a lot of stranger anxiety but I held him almost the entire time and made sure he knew he was safe. I also got Auntie Bec to hold him a few times so he can get used to her and know that she’s nice. I hope he remembers her next time!!


But despite that, I actually managed to snap a couple of photos of Lucas and Auntie Bec…


With Auntie Bec teaching him all sorts of cheekiness!


We took some photos outside in the end and it was truly a perfect place to take photos.


Look at how stunning Bec looked there. OMG!


So yes, the experience at Wagaya was fantastic, though I really wanted to try a lot of the dinner menu so we will come back one day for dinner cos there’s amazing pizza then. The food tasted so good and for the price, it’s so absolutely worth it. I felt so very full afterwards and can’t wait to go again.

Afterwards, we hung out at one of the malls and looked around the markets. What a fun day!

10 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and for those who are creative, here are some amazing DIY projects or recipes to try and make for your loved ones!

1. Strawberry Almond Steamer – Happy Valentines Day: Warm up your loved one’s heart with this cup of healthy strawberry and almond steamer.

Strawberry Almond Steamer – Happy Valentines Day

(via Alkaline Sisters)

2. Free Kids Valentine Card Printable: A really cute printable to show how much you love someone, which you can stick a pencil or straw inside!

Valentines Day Arrows

(Via Muffin Grayson)

3. Valentine’s Day Photo Party Poppers: These are so clever, you open them and bam, photos come flying out!

Valentines Day Photo Popper DIY

(via Flax and Twine)

4. DIY Heart Shaped Tea Bags For Valentine’s Day: What a brilliant idea to make love heart tea bags, and have red tea inside!


(via Practically Functional)

5. DIY Valentine Planters with a Free Printable: This one is so unique, give your loved ones a cactus to show just how succulent they are.

Valentines Day Cactus DIY

(via Vitamini Handmade)

6. DIY Love Mug for Valentine’s Day: A really easy mug design that anyone can do with a couple of colours.


(via At the Picket Fence)

7. Ginger Cookies with Pink Frosting: Amazingly healthy raw cookies to enjoy on this special day!


(via This Rawsome Vegan Life)

8. WhipperBerry’s Printable Heart Attack: Hearts in a jar is a really brilliant gift for someone you love!


(via Whipperberry)

9. Valentine Mason Jar Craft: Another really brilliant jar project, a tree of hearts.


(via Uncommon Designs Online)

10. You’re exSTRAW Special easy printable Valentine’s Day card: Show the person you love that they’re extraw special! You’ll need to buy some heart straws though.


(via It’s Always Autumn)

So which ones will you be making for your loved ones? Don’t forget, they don’t have to be for your partner, they’re really great gift ideas for anyone you love! Have fun making them and let me know how you go.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas, and if you know any you love, feel free to post the links!

T2 Tea at Brisbane City

This is one of my favourite stores to go to, ever!


The people are just so friendly there, and my favourite thing is, they make tea taste AMAZING! They had some amazingly beautiful tea cups on display. I really wanted to get the yellow one, except ran out of money. I do get the feeling if I were to buy that, I would want to get 3 of the same so I know if I accidentally destroy one, I’ll have many more.


(Mango twister sample)

My favourite sample today was the mango twister one in their newest T2 Cool Sorts. There was a creamy taste and it was so deliciously sweet! They always inspire me with new ways to make tea with adding different fruits inside!


I was really lucky to bump into a friend today, Bec. We had a really fun time shopping at T2.

Not only that, T2 always has this sample tasting there, they have 2-3 or sometimes even 4 different types of tea, usually half cold (fruit teas without caffine) and other warm. T2 is the only place in the world that changed my partner’s view on Tea. She hated all tea until she tried T2’s.


This was another wonderful tasting tea, Juicy Ginger. It had a very subtle ginger taste, with a slight hint of sweetness. The other day, I had another sip of amazing tea, it was lemon grass and ginger. Mmm, so good!


There’s a great display of different tea on one of the tables. I LOVE the rose buds!!


The green tea part is amazing, I really need to get their organic matcha because the colour is so perfect. I’ve never seen matcha so lovely and light green!


There’s another great stack of tea and teacups on the other side! How will I ever know what tea I need to buy with all these CHOICES?


Bec bought the delicious Turkish apple crumble! The people there were so kind enough to even brew some just for us to taste! I really love how the apple had this vanilla smell to it, and it was really sweet in a subtle way. I need to get some next time!


Another great sample here, this one wasn’t sweet. I really love how they have some samples with sweetness and others not! I can definitely say that whenever they have the tasting ones, it makes me want to buy them right away. I got the fruitalicious last time because it tasted so good!


Look at that giant mountain of tea goods. I really love all these diffusers too, though I personally love to chew on the fruit tea so I don’t really need one of those.


This is the really nice lady there who let me take photos of the place, I love how she was so friendly and happy for me to take the photos. I definitely did that to rave on about how much I love the place.


A final shot before we left the place. T2 is totally amazing and everyone must go there and buy the most delicious tasting tea ever!

Grill’d: Brisbane City

OMG, we went to have our second meal at Grill’d today. Last time I went, I didn’t have my camera, so damn, didn’t get a chance to take photos.


This place is amazing, it has booths, the burgers are made to be healthy, and it’s cheaper than eating at many other restaurants. We’ve been so crazy about this place, and I love the chips there too, mmmm!

So yes, the last time I came, I tried both the veggie burgers and they were AMAZING.


This time, I was determined to try one of the beef burgers cos I always wanted to try it. Haven’t had one in years!


(I am getting rather excited about food!)


So my partner and I both ordered the Summer Sunset, it’s a beef burger with avocado, salad relish, herbed mayo and golden pineapple. Oh man it was so absolutely wonderful! I really loved the taste. I haven’t tasted a burger this good for so long.


We ordered two types of chips, Thick-cut chips with Grill’d herb mix and Sweet Potato Chips, which went so perfect with herbed mayo. The regular chips were amazing with the tomato relish, which is better than any tomato sauce/ketchup I’ve ever tasted.


I seriously love the chips, it is so mouthwatering, and it’s filling too! I was luckily able to feel full after eating it!


Last time, we tried out the low carb superbun, it was really amazing as well, tasted like pancake in a way!

Previously, we have also tried the Garden Goodness veggie burger, which was so divine I could just eat it all day long. It has such a thick bed of veggies that it’s amazingly filling!


The veggie burger pattie is great too! There’s a green colour, and a subtle potato taste. I don’t know what’s in there, except that there’s carrots, but it’s delicious!

We finally caved in at one stage and ordered the zucchini chips, and it was AMAZING! Crunchy and so good! We’ll definitely be ordering it again.


I love that there are these amazingly comfortable booths to sit in, and the staff are so friendly and unless you go in on a huge sale day where there’s thousands of people in there, the food comes really fast as well!

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