5 Sites to Promote your Food Blog



Website: http://www.pinterest.com

I think out of all the incoming links, pinterest is the highest. What I recommend is create an account, make a board and title it Recipes or something like that and pin all your recipes up. Also if you’re using wordpress, install the Pinterest Pin It plugin so people can easily pin your recipes or articles up.

Food Porn Websites


Websites: http://foodepix.com/, http://foodgawker.com/

No, it’s not naked food gettin’ cozy in foodbed. It’s sites where people submit a picture with a link and description of their recipe and if it’s good enough (the picture, usually), you get accepted and it’s listed on their site and you get a big boost of traffic for a while. Out of all the food porn sites I used, I found Food Epix as the most accepting.

Food Buzz


Website: http://food.dailybuzz.com/ (Join Page)

It’s actually called Daily Buzz for some reason, and you have to sign up as a publisher. Once you do that, random articles get posted there and if you’re really lucky, you may even be noticed as the top recipes of the day, which you get you a hell of a lot of incoming traffic!



Website: http://tumblr.com/

Tumblr is another pretty good option to get your contents out there. If you are lucky and come up with good key words, you may get lots of reblogs. Be sure to link the pictures to your website and the recipe, so that people can click on them!

Facebook Pages


Website: https://www.facebook.com/

Open a facebook page, invite your friends and install a widget on your website and post your stuff there. Facebook is harder for people to find at first, because it’s not one of thoe “search keyword” sites, but if you can get some shares, you have got something going there!

Of course, there’s also lots of other sites like twitter and stumbleupon to try too.

How I get my Creative Juices Flowing

As a blogger and web designer, I often need a lot of inspiration and motivation. Now, I will share my secret on exactly how I get my creative juices flowing.


Sometimes, all it takes is ONE VISION.

That’s right, a vision of the complete product. Whatever it may be, a music video, a recipe, a page, an idea, a website. I envision what the finished product looks like. I do this often when I make music videos, is I hear a song and I just see the music video going along with it.

Then, I let that vision guide me in what I need to do.

More than once, I’ve had a certain vision for a website and I was able to work hard on it and guess what? 99% of the time, the finished product actually looked exactly like what my vision had. That just shows how powerful this vision is!

Of course, having a vision about the finished product also means you must have the skills to do so, because let’s say if you have a vision on what you want a website to look like but have no knowledge in web design or Photoshop, then it will be a bit troublesome.

However, if you know you have the skills, just imagine it. Let your mind see what it looks like, and you’ll find that it’s so much easier to work towards that goal!

Food Photography: Photoshop Editing Tutorial

Ever want to know how I edit my food photos?

(I recomend using Easy Youtube Video Downloader and grab it in HD.)

I made a tutorial just for you! Please view in HD/full screen to see it clearly.

Yes, yes. I use an ancient version of Photoshop but hey, I like it and have been using it for years.

Download Tutorial Package: Click Here (Include Fonts)

Main tools used:

Image Size – Decrease the size of the image, since the actual size is huge!
Sharpen – Make the image clearer
Levels and Curves – Adjust the brightness and contrast of the picture.


The original image:


After photoshopping: