Breastfeeding Tips and Support


I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for 10 weeks now, and I wanted to write my experience so it can help someone else if it could. Please know that I’m by no means saying this would work for everyone, and no way I’m saying anyone should do it, it’s simply what I’ve experienced.

The First Days

So I had my baby through elective csection because he was breech. We were lucky enough for him to have some skin to skin time right after birth, and he was able to suck some, but at that moment, I could see nothing really came out.

I don’t actually think I had much or any colostrum, because of the colour I’ve seen, I barely was able to squeeze out any by force.

By the second day, Lucas was a little lethargic, he didn’t seem hungry at all and I still haven’t really been able to get him to latch properly, the midwives were able to give him a syringe of formula just to help with his blood sugar as he was shaking a little, and it may help get his energy up.

During that time, I also did a lot of massage on my breasts which by then, I could see little droplets of white stuff coming, I was ecstatic as I knew that was my “milk coming in”.

I still struggled to get Lucas to latch, and that is actually a very difficult thing for babies at first. Their mouths don’t know how to attach to the breast properly to drink the milk, and it’s something both of you have to learn. It only works if their tongues are placed under and in a certain position. During the first days, I got a lot of support from the midwives. They would help me get his mouth open and pop it in.

At first, you really need them to open their mouths as far and wide as they could so you can stick them onto the breast as far as you could, so their mouth is covering a pretty big part of your breast. (Stick it in while they yawn, that always works, haha no, it actually doesn’t because they get a bit surprised and pull away.)

It’s something that takes time, and you have to be patient. Try and get the baby while he’s calm to attach, I looked for signals such as rooting, sticking out his tongue, to know that he’s hungry. I think I always fed my baby early enough that he doesn’t really cry out of hunger. That works well because all the websites say if you wait too long until they’re crying, it’s a late sign of hunger and they don’t latch well.

Latching and D-mer

At first, it took about 10-15 tries for him to latch properly once. I would need to pull him off if he wasn’t doing it correctly, and there is a specific feeling on the breast when he does latch correctly. It’s something you will know because you may get a constant feeling. While when he doesn’t latch, it feels like nothing is happening, literally. At first, his latch did hurt the nipples a little and I also had D-mer (Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex), which meant I would get this very empty, depressed feeling in the pit of my stomach right before milk letdown and disappear after.

That itself is a story of it’s own. At first, I just thought I was crazy that a long session of nursing would have me feeling really depressed, none of that was because I didn’t like it because I LOVE having my baby close and feeding him. I loved it so much, yet my stomach was on opposite ends. It wasn’t till I read about it that I really understood, when milk releases, it causes the hormone prolactin to rise, which has to decrease dopamine, your feel good hormone, which is why some people get a moment of depression/anxiety and then be fine again when hormones go back to normal. At first, it really felt like the entire nursing session was full of letdown, but now at 10 weeks, I only get it three or four times, and it’s fleeting and I barely even care about it. I use that as a cue that my milk is about to flow out, and get prepared to prevent the other one from leaking and I know my baby’s about to have a big drink of that milk. So in a way, it’s good that I know because I get to be prepared of my milk coming.

Aside from D-mer, Lucas got better and better at latching, except when he went through his growth spurt and realised later he was hungry, he started to unlatch or have his mouth closed because he was frustrated. It’s still sometimes hard for me to know exactly what’s wrong when he sometimes seem to refuse the breast, thrash his arms and feet, and close his mouth. I believe it can be that he’s so hungry he wants it now, because he seem to be fine as soon as he latches on and starts sucking.

At first, it seemed that Lucas was always hungry, because he never really wanted to come off and would fuss at the breast when it’s empty. Each breastfeeding session lasted an hour or two, and cluster feeding sessions lasted 4 hours or so. I enjoyed it because I wanted to hold him close anyway, and I had nothing else to really do, but I do know many other people won’t have that many hours to do this.

Sleeping and Feeding

At first, I didn’t know this, but babies easily fall asleep at the breast if milk is not flowing. You pick up the clues by seeing if their eyes are closed, breathing heavier and when they sleep suck (believe me, it’s a magical ability), they do it like 4-5 times, stop for a few seconds, and do it again. It’s also much slower, so if you see that happen, gently take them off and allow them to wake up before trying. If you spend hours with them sleep-sucking, they’re not really getting much milk out.

Cluster Feeding

During cluster feeding sessions, I often used my phone to just read things and check sites. Also, it’s good to have a big bottle of water close by and a comfy chair to sit in. I also flip my shirt up (almost like I’m topless) around the house. It’s so much easier that way!

If you find that you leak a lot, always have tissues, breast pad and such nearby, but as I got experienced, I noticed when it was going to flow out, I just put pressure on the other breast for a few seconds to a minute and it would not leak until the next letdown.

Growth Spurts

Growth spurts, oh yes they are extremely tough for the baby because I think they get intense hunger pangs and they get so ravenously hungry. Good thing is, it’s short, about 3 days. For Lucas, it seem to have it’s peak at day 1-2, then last another 2-3 days but he’s much less hungry. Growth spurts is estimated to happen around 7-10 days, 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 4 months, 6 months and 9 months. During that time, your baby grows rapidly overnight. The next day, I swore that he looked so much longer.

It’s completely normal to feel nervous during this time, as I often find that I think I’ve got low supply and it knocks my confidence a little, but after a few days, he returns to normal so I know it’s fine. During the growth spurt, Lucas hardly ever sleeps and can be awake for a very long period of time, so that’s how I usually tell, as well as the intense hunger.

Little Lessons

One important thing I’ve learned over time is your breast only pumps out milk rapidly a few times. Other times, milk is much slower. You will know it because your baby will make loud gulping, swallowing sounds and you may get a big leakage on the other side. Sometimes, it takes a while of sucking to get the hormones going to release that milk, and when your breasts are emptier, it takes much longer for it to happen. By then, your baby is likely to be very upset and frustrated, latching and unlatching, looking stressed, crying, etc. This is when it’s better to take him off the breast, put him on your shoulders for a bit if possible, burp him and try to distract him.

He probably would be more upset on your breast, not getting much milk despite trying, than away, as he’ll probably have other things to look at. Even if you wait for 15 minutes, you’ll notice your milk replenishing and able to come out easier. Usually when my baby is especially hungry, he will be so very energetic and able to lift his head for a long time and trying to make his way back to the breast.

When I feed, I always try and empty one breast at one feed, and always do both because when milk builds up, it can hurt!

If you have low supply, try to bake some lactation cookies. You can find lots of recipes online, like this one. For me, the magic ingredients are brewer’s yeast, oats, coconut oil, wheat germ and flaxseed meal.

Though I would advise you to be careful. After I ate them, the milk sprayed out like crazy and often choked my poor baby. I had a bit of a problem with oversupply for a while and often the milk was squirting out like a water gun. I went to read that and found something hilarious, for a baby it’s like drinking out of a fire hose.

Anyway, I really hope this helps in some way, and good luck to you! If you have low supply or simply find it hard, just know that you did your best so try not to feel bad.

Baby Blues: I Miss Being Pregnant

I wanted to share a little heart to heart, because I’ve been struggling with these feelings for the past three weeks.

I love my baby more than life itself. I can’t even describe in words how that feels. About three days after my csection, I started feeling a little sad, but it wasn’t till I arrived home from the hospital that it became full blown depression and sadness that I felt so overwhelmed in feelings that I recognised as grief, that I didn’t understand why. Of course, it was the huge shift of hormones causing baby blues, but the thing is, it makes you react very differently to situations that you normally may not feel as sad about.

The biggest sadness was I missed being pregnant. That did not mean I didn’t love my baby, I had trouble bonding, or I was tired from any of the responsibilities. In fact, I loved it all, even breastfeeding. I woke up at nights wanting to see my baby, and I loved holding him so very much. I bonded so well with him! I know a lot of people say they feel depressed, resent their babies and such, but for me, it was the opposite. I loved my baby too much that it hurt.

The thing was, during pregnancy, I remember just wishing he would come, so that all my worries would go away, but now that I think about it, I was just way too naive. Now, I sit here, looking at my tiny baby and his fragile little hands, and I just imagine all these horrible things potentially happening to him, such as injuries and not being able to keep him safe, and I just start to cry, because I feel so helpless. At first, I couldn’t stop worrying. I didn’t trust myself, I was so afraid that I would somehow injury my precious baby because every part of him felt so soft and delicate.

I missed being pregnant so very much that it felt empty. My round belly with cute little kicks, prods and hiccups is now stretchy and empty. I felt empty because of it, as if I lost something very special. It was such an unique feeling that I could never forget it, your baby moving inside you. I felt that he was no longer protected as well, that he’s now in a big bad world and I couldn’t be with him 24 hours a day, all the time. I just felt so lost and sad. I longed to feel those little kicks and sometimes, I may get a twitch in my belly which somehow reminds me of his kicks and I get reminded and feel so very sad again.

I thought I was just crazy feeling this because I know that even days before the csection, I was just so excited and it never occurred to me that I would miss it so much. I love having him with me, and the only thing that would console me was holding him. I remember during the first two weeks, I would get depressed if he slept for a long period and I wasn’t holding him. As time went on, I slowly felt better, but it truly felt like forever before I even remotely felt excited about things again.

After the first week, I started getting intense waves of sadness during the evenings. I think perhaps it’s to do with feeling tired by 5pm, worrying about him during the night that really exacerbated the feelings. I remember being quite fine during the day and suddenly getting severely depressed as soon as 5pm hit. I tried my best to take my mind off thinking about it during the day by focusing on taking photos of little Lucas, editing them and posting them. That really made me feel better. I also watched shows and such. I think it’s when I’m not doing anything that my mind just struggles with these worries.

I also started taking some salmon Omega 3 fish oil which seem to be helping. I take two daily and since then it seemed to have gotten better, though it may also have to do with time.

Despite missing being pregnant, I am in some ways glad I don’t have to worry about things like stillbirth anymore, or bleeding. I now worry about keeping my little man safe and I’m gaining more confidence as each day passes. I’m so grateful to be learning so much and with all the support here in Australia, such as the midwives and nurse home visits, I truly do feel like I’m in good hands. That reminds me, I started feeling so much better after my first two visits from the midwife. I just felt that someone was coming to my deserted island with a rescue boat and while they’re not taking me off the island (as in they can’t keep my baby safe forever), they are at least able to bring me some food.

Experiences with a Newborn Baby


Baby Blues or Postnatal Depression

Baby blues can hit at a weird time, you’re so excited after giving birth but a few days later, you find yourself feeling sad. I blame the hormone changes, the rapid decrease of estrogen and progesterone and lack of sleep is probably the biggest culprit.

I found myself getting sad over the craziest things, such as missing the hospital, midwifery care, overly worried about my baby, scared he’s gonna get sick or something bad happening, afraid I’d screw up, sad that he’s gonna grow up, sad that I couldn’t feel him inside me anymore. Most of my sadness has to do with the fact that I love this baby so much that it’s painful!

Babies and Sleeping

My baby seem to sleep between an hour to two at a time at night, though the first week he slept 30 minute to an hour and needed frequent feedings, and I would often fight my sleep while feeding, but since then he seemed to have gotten better with feeding and last longer at night.

I have his bassinet right next to my bed so I can hear him the best and pick him up when he’s hungry.

For the bassinet, I dress him in comfortable clothing, wrap him in a sleeping bag and lay his legs at the end of the bassinet. He is always laid on his back and there is never anything else in there, such as pillows or blankets. I am terrified of anything potentially smothering him.

Sleeping Bags are so absolutely useful. It seems that my baby fidgets a lot and loves to move his arms and legs, and sometimes he wakes himself up and even scratches himself. I find that when I wrap a sleeping bag around him and has his hands tucked in, he falls asleep for longer periods of time. He also tends to fall back asleep if he wakes up. I find that sleeping bag works almost the same as swaddling, but much easier because swaddle blankets often fall apart.

To get enough sleep, I recommend preparing yourself to go to bed as early in the night as possible. I used to sleep around 11:30, now I go to bed and get ready to sleep at 8pm, because he often wakes up 4-5 times in the night for 30 minutes to an hour at a time, so I need to be sure I get more hours of sleep. I also try and wake up late as I can, such as around 10am. Try and keep your bed a nice, comfy place to sleep, darken the room if possible. Have your phone with you so you can read up stuff when your baby is feeding. I love to use this extra time to educate myself on babies.

Changing Nappies

Ironically, my baby doesn’t mind when the nappy is wet or dirty but gets grumpy when I change him, so sometimes I try and change him in the middle of a feed, so that even if he gets fussy afterwards, I can still feed him and hopefully send him off to sleep.

I tend to use reusable/cloth nappies because I really don’t want to spend an extra $4000 a year on disposables, think of all the amazing things I can buy him with that money, like cute clothes, books and such.

What I like to do is have a pilcher (waterproof shell) as the outer layer, with either a booster or towel folded in a long rectangle, with a thin layer of liner, which keeps the big chunky parts of the poo out. I usually use the pilcher if it’s not wet, but wash the towel each time. The towel goes in NapiSan for a day and then gets washed in the washing machine.

Other things I always use are tissue to first wipe up any poo, then baby wipes to clean it up, then if he has some rash, I would apply a cream called Sudocrem, which works wonders!


When I first started to breastfeed, I was afraid I’d have no milk because my mother had difficulties with me and had to pump and top up with formula. She kept warning me that I’d probably have none, but I found that is not true for me. I find that milk supply seem to have more to do with well latching, if a baby can’t latch well, they literally can’t suck anything out and sometimes they get frustrated. If you get help from midwives and hospitals, they will give you a good idea what’s a proper latch. You will feel a continous pull on your nipple once they’ve latched. It will feel very different and unique! I also found massaging my breast helps a lot!

My Brest Friend Feeding Pillow

One thing that I really find useful which I just started to use is a breastfeeding pillow, I bought the My Brest Friend Feeding Pillow and it works great. It straps around me, helps me sit up straight, helps lay baby on the pillow so I don’t have to hold him, this gives me a chance to stroke his cute little head while he’s feeding and sometimes use the phone to read.

My baby has huge cluster feeding sessions, which ranges from the morning, afternoon or evening. He often needs to feed about 3 hours in a row, without really stopping. At that time, if I try and put him down, he’ll be pretty upset. I know he’s done when he falls asleep in the bassinet without waking up again.

Always drink water during feeding, as you get super thirsty! Also, keep some tissues and breast pads near because when you’re feeding with one, the other is most likely going to leak and if you’re not careful, it will make everything wet, including your baby’s clothes.

Take pregnancy multivitamins if you can, eat really healthy with lots of everything, I also like to take extra calcium and Vitamin D, magnesium, iron and Omega 3 supplements.

Be sure you buy dresses with buttons so you can unbutton them any time to feed your baby.

Bath Times

A midwife showed me how to bath a baby and the best way is to first undress them, use a wet cloth to wipe their face and clean it, then use a wet towel with some soap to wash their hair and dry it first before putting their little bodies in the water.

As for the water, always check the temperature with your elbow, be sure it’s comfortably warm, NOT hot!

Then, quickly put their body in the water, give it a wash and dry it as fast as you can. Be sure to keep their face out of the water.

Spending Time with Baby

I honestly try to spend as much time with my baby as I can, so if he’s awake and alert, I will definitely have him on me, I would talk to him, sit him upright on my legs and interact with him. I love his expressions and he seem to be taking everything in. He often does this “oooohh” face which he looks so very intrigued by what’s going on.

I love to hold my baby so much, sometimes I do it so much that I don’t even want to put him down, even after a feed. I just find that since I started to hold him heaps, he just seems so peaceful and calm. He doesn’t really cry, but then again, I always try and pick up on his early hunger cues as soon as I could. I just want my baby to know he can trust me, the thought of him feeling distressed just breaks my heart!

Growth Spurt

I swear that Lucas has just entered a growth spurt, because yesterday, he would not stop eating all day. If I tried to put him down, he would soon wriggle around and look really uncomfortable, sometimes a little red and start opening his mouth. Usually, he’s quite happy to take a few naps, and I have been reading up on growth spurts, apparently newborns should get one around 7-10 days old, and guess what? He is just 10 days old today.

Though he was born a week and 2 days early, I don’t know if it would affect his growth spurt days.

So he wanted nothing but to feed nearly all day, and all night. It was more challenging at night because he also got fussier and sometimes, I can tell he wants his milk right now, and because he has a little trouble latching, he gets so frustrated that he starts to whimper and thrash his hands around (OMG he has sharp nails I can tell ya) and even refuses the breast. What I have done is tried to calm him a little, sometimes he may get frustrated and refuse, but fall asleep and then forget about it and happily eat. I also try to switch sides. Sometimes, I try to hold his hands down a little and push the nipple in his mouth really quick as he’s opening it, and it has worked quite well. I also looked up a lot of videos on how to get baby latch and I think they have helped too.

I actually fell asleep with him on me last night, though I still get very nervous about that happening.

My sleep has been pretty good despite that he has been wanting to feed a lot, because I take every minute I can. I also sleep in through the morning sometimes even till 10:00am so I can catch up on rest and it has helped tremendously. I’m so proud of my baby for growing, I just want him to be as comfortable as he can be, and know that he can trust me to be there when he needs to eat or anything else.


Parenthood Anxiety

When I thought my anxiety levels would decrease after giving birth, I don’t know what the heck I was thinking. How naive was I. My anxiety about how he’s doing, his overall health and well-being, has skyrocket to a level that I cannot even measure. Some days, I feel that it’s so difficult to cope. It’s not just stress, it’s this really strange sad feeling that comes around 5pm, lasts through the night and usually gets a little better before 9pm.

The feeling is so intense, it’s like I am going to lose him, or fearing I might. The physical symptoms so far is that it makes me very teary and nauseous in that, I don’t remember feeling like this since I was a little child and my grandfather had to leave me, as we were so close but had to move to another city to go to school.

Perhaps I’m already starting to feel separation anxiety with Lucas, I just miss him. I can’t explain it, like when he’s sleeping, I really do miss him. Not only that, I am constantly worried if I’m doing something to hurt him, or if he’s content. It’s hard because babies at this age don’t show positive emotions in a conscious way, so I’m always afraid I might be doing something wrong. The amount of anxiety I feel about him is incredibly huge!

I just know that if I do anything that lets him cry in any kind of distress, I would feel absolutely awful! I want to say that I have NEVER felt that babies crying is annoying or disruptive or anything like that. It’s just if I hear him cry, especially in pain, I literally feel like it’s ripping me apart. I have to do everything I can to make him feel safe and loved, even if he doesn’t really understand these things yet, or even really know who I am. I just want to attend to his every signal, to make sure he doesn’t get distressed.

As each day goes by and seeing that he’s happy and well in the mornings, I am starting to feel a little more relief by the day, but I think my worry for him will never really go away, even when he’s all grown up!

It’s funny that even though I practically spend all day and night with him, I still find it hard to really give him to someone else to care for. I don’t mind when friends and family hold him while I’m there, but I don’t think I could ever just leave him in someone else’s care for a few hours while I do something. I would just be too worried about him, if he was hungry, wanted a cuddle or was the people looking after him also know about his early hunger cues?

Another thing I can’t stop doing is all these very horrific visions cross my mind, like what if I dropped him. What if I slipped and he fell out of my hand. The visions scare me so very much! I just have to look at his tiny little fingers and toes to get those visions.

Last night, I did something that I just couldn’t believe I did, I got so angry at myself! I accidentally dropped my iPhone on the side of his neck, and I completely freaked. I just kept hoping that no damage was made, the iPhone was not dropped from a high distance, thank God, and he didn’t even cry, but man, I felt so very bad. But, it’s been a day and he is completely fine, so I’ve started to regain my cool!

One Week Postpartum

I can’t believe it’s been one week since I had my baby. How have I been doing this week?

In some ways, I still can’t believe it’s true. We have our baby with us. Finally, after so long, I just can’t believe it. I am so afraid of doing something wrong, that I just give myself all these troubles.

I love cuddling him and talking to him, as well as watching him sleep and grow. I swear he has grown a little in the week, though it is super difficult to tell. I just think he is too precious, I can’t believe such a perfect little bundle like him could exist.

Lucas is really calm, at least right now he is. He doesn’t really cry unless he is super uncomfortable, like during changes or when he’s super hungry but I don’t usually let him get that hungry if I could help it. I often see him opening his mouth, rooting, sticking his tongue out and such and I just take those cues to feed him. I just don’t have the heart to make him wait or do anything that might even mildly make him uncomfortable. I just want this child to feel as loved and safe as he could.

Baby Blues

What they say is true. Hormones really do mess you up about 3-5 days after having a baby, for me it gets worse at nights and starts to goes away about 8 days or so later, and I’m just like everyone else, I couldn’t escape it. But, I did want to describe my case, because I do think everyone’s feel differently.

For me, I feel really sad and tearful, it started around day three, peaked at day 6 at night, and slowly going down again after day 8. It hits around 5pm and gets really bad until the morning. I think it may be because around that time, I start to get tired and I also start worrying about going to sleep. I would describe that feeling as if someone died, and that little things affect your mood a lot more than usual. I’m absolutely certain it’s the change of hormones that causes it.

Firstly, I miss Lucas kicking inside me so very much that it really makes me so sad. His little prodding and kicks were so cute, that it’s hard to really let go of it, I still pat my belly thinking he’s inside, and when I think that he’s out in the big bad world, I get so sad because he’s not always with me. I seriously just want to be with my baby 24 hours a day and not sleep. If I’m away from him for over 10 minutes, I just start to feel anxious. Even after breastfeeding him, I still keep him lying on me for a while because I just enjoy watching him sleep. One day, I want Lucas to know he is one of the most wanted babies in the world, and the most loved.

Whenever I think back to my bleeding days during pregnancy, it really makes me want to cry just thinking about all the times I thought I lost him, and it still gets to me. I am still paranoid that something bad is going to happen, I always check on him, I’m really worried most of the time, especially if I would accidentally do something terrible to him. These feelings are so strong that I just can’t shake them off, and I think they’re the main cause of my sadness. I swear, those little fingers and toes look so frail that I’m so afraid I’d break them.

Just hearing his little whimpers during his sleep makes me want to keep him safe forever.

Another thing is, I really really miss the hospital, the people were so friendly, so wonderful, helpful and kind, that I miss being in there. Honestly, I feel so lucky that we didn’t have to pay for any of it, c-section and all, and I even got my SINGLE bedroom there, single. Can you believe it?

Another thing baby blues have affected is it seems that I easily get frustrated with anyone else, especially if I feel they are not being careful with Lucas. I guess it’s a maternal instinct.


I started off fearing that I wouldn’t have milk, mainly because my mother had trouble with it.

When I first tried breastfeeding in the hospital, it was a huge challenge. Lucas wouldn’t really take it, and he didn’t seem interested. Now that I think about it, it’s probably because firstly, he wasn’t even hungry as babies don’t get that hungry the first couple of days, and secondly I was drugged up by the anesthesia and pain killers which probably affected him too.

After the third day, and with some guidance from the midwives and showing me how to latch him, he began to get it a little, slowly by that time also, my milk started coming in, which made me so happy that I almost flipped.

Of course, after that it got easier, Lucas is a pretty fast learner. There are times when he won’t latch because he seems to upset and hungry that he doesn’t really find the nipple or refuse to take it, but other than that, he’s really gotten the hang of breastfeeding.

I myself love the experience so much. It’s just another reason to be super close to my baby, to be almost skin to skin, and often I do take off his clothes so we do the skin to skin because it seem to make him calm and me feel really happy.

One problem I had was getting really sleeping during a feed session and falling asleep in the bed with my baby in my arms, which makes me quite nervous as I’ve heard of those suffocation horror stories. I called up a helpline and they suggested a few things: Put a wet towel close on your body, drink some water, get a buzzer on your phone to buzz every 5 minutes or walk around.

I also learned that it’s really important to pick up early cues that a baby is hungry, they actually do a lot of things before they even fuss or begin to cry. Of course, every baby is different. Mine tends to be quite alert, he sometimes makes a face to show he’s uncomfortable, he opens his mouth, sticks his tongue out, tries to suck his hands and sometimes even someone else if they’re holding him. If you can feed them at that early stage, it works out better because even when Lucas is a bit more hungry or had a few unsuccessful latches, he gets frustrated and thrashes his hands around and almost refuses to take the nipple, which makes it harder for him to eat. I tend to try and change from one breast to the other if I think he’s not getting it, sometimes he’ll get the other one easily and return to this later without a problem.

He is starting to have cluster feeds, which requires some time to prepare, because during that time, he would not come off the breast. I love it though because it’s extra time to snuggle close to my baby. Midwives say that cluster feeds are completely normal.

I know a lot of people tend to say having a newborn baby means you have no time to do anything. I actually strongly disagree because I find that I am still able to do plenty! I really enjoy just playing videos and watching things while he feeds, and reading information and editing photos. The only thing that’s harder to do is type because that require two hands.

It can be challenging to cook because he may want to eat at any moment, but I find that it’s still very easy to find a chunk of time in the day to do that, as well as shower and such. You just need to be super flexible!

I can’t express just how much I love being able to breastfeed. For weeks, I stressed over it and now that I can, I couldn’t be more thankful.

Nappy Changes

I actually found nappy changes to be so very easy, and the poo does not disturb me one bit, I mean, it’s my baby! I don’t care how bad it smells or looks!

We’re currently using cloth nappies, or reusable ones. I have got about 30 white towels, and 10 pilchers that are supposed to be waterproof. I like to fold the towel in a long rectangle, on top of the pilcher and then put one of those liners on top to stop most of the poo from getting into the towel.

I actually prefer doing this than folding the towel in a triangle and putting it on him with the pins.

Sleeping through the Night

I really wish people didn’t freak me out about never getting any sleep again because I actually found it not that hard to get enough sleep so I can function. Though yes, it is less than before, and it’s completely broken sleep, but it does happen.

What I do is I try and sleep earlier, especially if Lucas is asleep. So if I usually sleep at 11:30pm, I would an hour early because I know he’d probably wake up at 11:30pm to feed and may take an hour or so. He wakes up quite often at night and sometimes takes even longer to satisfy his hunger, but no problems at all. I LOVE watching him eat, I really do. I think he is adorable and is just such a sweet baby that I would watch him every minute of every day if I could. I just want to appreciate every moment in his life because I know how fast time goes and soon he won’t be so tiny anymore.

I find that aside from broken sleep, which is easier to fall asleep than you think because you’re already pretty tired, you kind of drift off to sleep faster.

I think babies do sleep better if they’re swaddled. I like to use those sleeping bags because they are easier and faster to do than a blanket. Also, they may appear to wake up and fuss after a feed, but sometimes it just means they got woken up during their lovely dream sleep, so try and put them to bed when their eyes and muscles aren’t twitching. Also, it helps to have some interaction with them during the day so they can be a little more tired at night.

I tend to get ready for bed around 8-9pm, and take every chance I got until about 9-10am, so if he’s asleep, I will try to sleep. Some days he may want to feed 3-4 hours at a time, other times he feeds for about 30 minutes and sleeps for 2 hours, which is huge to me.

Also, you remember much, much more dreams! That’s a bonus!

Safe Sleeping

I am absolutely crazy with getting him to sleep properly, because I’m afraid of him suffocating in his sleep. I like to place his feet at the end of the bassinet/cot, have him wear a tight sleeping bag or clothing but never any pillows or blankets on him. He sleeps right beside my bed so I can always wake up and look at him when I’m worried.

C-Section Recovery

Oh yes, that csection did leave a pretty big scar on my belly, but after the first day, it was a lot easier to deal with.

My scar still hurts a little but mainly because I often have Lucas in my arms and try to get up out of bed, and I stretch that scar pretty badly each time, so that part does hurt but I literally stopped taking any pain killers after they discharged me on the third day. I just didn’t want to take them if I wasn’t so sore that I couldn’t function without them, though I did have a lot of Panamax and Nurofen. Those do help but I started taking less than what they gave me on the third day even.

I’ve been still getting up and walking about in the home but haven’t really gotten out of the house to walk yet. Also, I don’t feed safe to leave my baby at home, with anyone else. Not that I don’t trust them, but they can’t feed him if he gets hungry and I refuse to make him so hungry he has to cry to tell us.

Also, my belly is still shrinking by the day, right after the csection it only looked half the size as it was when I was pregnant, then as the days go, it has gone down more. I guess it takes time! I also have been bleeding like a period for the past week. It is still going, and looking pretty red to me.