Wagaya at Fortitude Valley

OMG, today was the very first day I have gone out to a restaurant since Lucas was born. I kept putting it off cos I was afraid he’d contract some horrible illness, also the idea of being in public with him and potentially nowhere to change him was scary to me, but I finally braced my fears and went out. It was flipping fantastic!


We chose Wagaya in Fortitude Valley because it was a place I had always wanted to try, because the food looked great, it was cheap and the photos on the site had amazing booths. Boy were we blown away. AMAZING PLACE! The entire restaurant was practically packed with booths, our dreams came true!


We ordered through this touchscreen computer./


We had some delicious spring rolls first. My god it was mouth watering, and too little!

Then, we had some octopus balls, which tasted very interesting.


Then I had the bento box with chicken, OMG it was so very filling. I should not have ordered the extra rice cos I could barely finish the box, it also came with miso soup!


Bec, Andrea and I had an awesome time. Poor little Lucas had a lot of stranger anxiety but I held him almost the entire time and made sure he knew he was safe. I also got Auntie Bec to hold him a few times so he can get used to her and know that she’s nice. I hope he remembers her next time!!


But despite that, I actually managed to snap a couple of photos of Lucas and Auntie Bec…


With Auntie Bec teaching him all sorts of cheekiness!


We took some photos outside in the end and it was truly a perfect place to take photos.


Look at how stunning Bec looked there. OMG!


So yes, the experience at Wagaya was fantastic, though I really wanted to try a lot of the dinner menu so we will come back one day for dinner cos there’s amazing pizza then. The food tasted so good and for the price, it’s so absolutely worth it. I felt so very full afterwards and can’t wait to go again.

Afterwards, we hung out at one of the malls and looked around the markets. What a fun day!

Lucas is Three Months Old

I can’t believe my precious baby is over three months old now. He’s truly like a 6 month old now, outgrowing most of his 3-6 month old clothes. He’s absolutely gorgeous in every single way! Look at that big smile!!









I’ve been spending all of his waking hours talking, playing, singing and reading to him, and I just see how much he learns and is beaming with joy. It truly makes my day, every day, to spend it with this little one.

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