Lush Cosmetics: Yog Nog and First Snow

I recently went and bought a few items from Lush, again! On the Boxing Day sale, Lush was so packed with people that it was literally almost impossible to get through from one place to another. I’ve never seen the place so busy before! I managed to snap this photo a week before the sale.


I really love the people who work in Lush, they are always so friendly and willing to help you find the product you want. I love that they give you demonstrations on your hands, it’s difficult not to buy anything when they do that. Plus, I really like the idea of natural ingredients!

I also went and bought another thing that looked really amazing, First Snow.


It’s a powder that you sprinkle on your skin that makes it sparkle like snow. I just thought it was so pretty and I really loved the idea of using that when I go out or want to take photos.

I tested it on my hands and look at how pretty it is!


I’m kind of sad that this product is limited edition, hope they still make it next year because the Snow Fairy line is special to me, you probably know why because it’s the same as my site name. I didn’t even know about Lush’s Snow Fairy when I gave my site this name.

The Yog Nog soap is one of my favourite soaps in Lush.


Why? It smells so sweet and delicious, it may as well be a block of food for me to eat! Though I don’t think I want to taste it to find out that the taste doesn’t exactly fit in what I’ve imagined, but it’s just so good!

I really have a thing with smells that remind me of delicious foods, especially ones that smell like this. My other favourites are the oatmeal and honey soaps. But this just tops the cake! I also love that I was able to get this on Boxing Day sale, which meant it was half price.

So I shall look forward to rubbing this delicious soap on me, hopefully I won’t mistaken it as food!


Other than these precious items, I really wanted to get that bubblegum lip scrub but it was sold out at two stores I went to. Looks like those are too irresistible!

The Curious Fragrance

My dad bought me this lovely perfume today!


It was on sale at Chemist Warehouse, and I had to get it to test it out, cos the bottle looked pretty. I don’t particularly buy perfume based on who makes them, but how they look.

First thing I noticed was, OMG IT’S BLUE!


The bottle reminded me a little of that ultra thin U-pad I used to get, LOL! Cos they are both black squares and things. When I ripped open the box, out came this small pretty glass container. I was a little disappointed that mine (30ml) did not come with the two pink heart accessory you see on some of the photos. Maybe those come in special packages or something?

So how was it when I actually applied?


I would say this reminds me of perfume in general! The smell is very similar to how I envision most perfume to smell. On Wikipedia, it says that the scent is made up of: Louisiana magnolia, golden Anjou pear, lotus flower, tuberose, star jasmine, pink cyclamen, vanilla-infused musk, sandalwood and blonde woods

I definitely think that’s what I smell. If you are looking for one of those sweet, sugar/candy like perfumes, this does not smell like that.


Lush Cosmetics: Herbalism Facial Cleanser


Herbalism is a facial cleanser sold by Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

This is one of the first recommended to me when I asked for a product that can help with acne, since I have horrid breakouts every month, I really needed a new cleanser to do the job and decrease the amount of acne that comes up.

Herbalism Facial Cleanser

Ingredients: Ground almonds, kaolin, glycerine, chlorophyllin water, nettle, rosemary and rice vinegar extract, rice bran, gardenia extract, rose absolute, chamomile blue oil, sage oil.

(100g for $16.95)

The Smell: There’s a subtle, sweet earthy fragrance of herbs.


So this is really simple to use. Just pinch a little off, then mix it with water and it will become all milky. Rub it all over your face thoroughly for a minute or so, then rinse off.

There are little rough bits amidst the smooth liquid that exfoliates the face really well. It also has a very strong smell of herbs. It definitely doesn’t smell like honey and fruits, but it’s a nice scent that you slowly get used to and start enjoying. After using this, my face was all super smooth and felt almost like baby skin!


I swear it also looked slightly lighter as well, perhaps it’s gotten rid of a layer of dirt on my face!

I really like that it’s easy to use, not really messy and you can totally put the container in the shower to wash your face while you shower. Though be careful with wet hands, you don’t want to wet the rest of the stuff. If you want it to last a lot longer, as these are fresh, put them in the fridge.

So if you have oily skin with lots of acne, this is totally worthwhile to get!


Update: After using this for a week, I did notice a great decrease in the amount of acne I have gotten. During my pregnancy, I sometimes get flare ups once in a while, nothing major like during menstruation but they were annoying. I’ve used this for over a week now and nothing has shown up on my face yet. Not even a small whitehead, so I hope this continues and I stay acne free for a longer time!

Lush Cosmetics: Snow Fairy Shower Gel

I seriously cannot believe this exists. I wasn’t going to buy more that day, but when I actually saw the name, and smelled the amazing fragrance, I knew it was my calling, or destiny if you may say, that I have this in my wonderful possession.

Snow Fairy: Limited Edition Shower Gel


Add some Christmas sparkle to your day with this candy-sweet shower gel. Snow Fairy is back again this year, bringing its fairy dust magic into your shower, now with the addition of skin-softening seaweed.

Needless to say, this is probably one of my favourite items, the name, colour, smell does it all! Firstly, it’s got one of the best smells ever, the smell of bubblegum, and makes me want to gulp this whole thing down, even though I know it’s a bad idea. It just smells so sweet and dreamy!

My absolute favourite thing about this is the smell! OMG as soon as I rubbed it on my skin, the smell was so intense it made me feel like I was a delicious candy or something! Damn! The gel is really easy to use, you just rub it all over like any shower gel. One thing I like is that even though after you rinse it off, your skin is all slippery, after a while, it has that squeaky clean feel that usually only soap gives you. It also keeps that nice smell on you for a while so you can enjoy it.


(The one I bought was 100g for $9.95)

You know what’s also a huge coincidence? The colour of the gel is almost the exact same colour as the pink part of the logo on my website. It’s like either they knew, or I knew!

I just wanted to also mention just how amazing Lush is. It’s the perfect place for super fresh ingredients, it reminds me of walking into an organic cafe and knowing that what you eat is mostly going to be healthy. I always love using ingredients like this rather than a million different chemicals that I’ve never heard the names of. I totally recommend checking the store out, the only thing is, if you have kids, tell them not to eat all the soap cos they look so delicious!