How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

I made another infographic for you all. Hope it can help clear up those nasty acne scars.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

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Lately, I’ve gotten a couple of pretty bad acne scars because I just can’t help myself when it comes to picking off those darned pimples and causing my skin to bleed. I wanted to take photos, and didn’t want my face to have these dark spots, so I really tried looking for what works for me. Below are a list of products or things that really worked wonders in fading my acne scars.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

DNC Derma Roller – The derma roller is made of fine needles which you roll on the acne scars. The microscopic needles create small punctures on the outer layer of your skin, encouraging your skin to renew and regenerate itself. *Use this once each day and roll on scar areas 3-4 times. I personally like to roll it so that it stings a little. If you search on Ebay for derma roller, there are plenty of options to buy from.

Even Blend Serum – Main ingredients are glycolic acid, daisy flower, wakamine and lotus extracts. This serum helps pigmented skin, reducing uneven skin tones and brightens skin caused by acne scars, aging and many more.

Vitamin C 100% – Pure vitamin C helps with collagen production, which helps skin regenerate. It also helps improve skin tone, colour and radiance. Use this powder along with the Even Blend Serum. I personally find it a bit easier to apply to dry skin before using the serum.

Lemon Juice – Lemon juice is a natural bleach for the skin, it also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Rub this on your face 3 times a day.

Carley’s Clear & Smooth Tamanu Cream – Made with fine ingredients such as burdock root, tamanu oil, moroccan argan oil, jojoba oil and broccoli sprout extract, this cream has great healing properties and will help your scar clear.

Other Ingredients worth Trying – Shea butter, turmeric, sandalwood paste, licorice extract, mulberry extract, aloe vera, green tea extract, ginseng extract, cinnamon, honey, tomato juice, potato juice, cucumber, orange peel, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, sea buckthorn oil, rosehips seed oil, safflower oil, extra virgin olive oil, borage seed oil, Vitamin E.

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Lush Cosmetics: Yog Nog and First Snow

I recently went and bought a few items from Lush, again! On the Boxing Day sale, Lush was so packed with people that it was literally almost impossible to get through from one place to another. I’ve never seen the place so busy before! I managed to snap this photo a week before the sale.


I really love the people who work in Lush, they are always so friendly and willing to help you find the product you want. I love that they give you demonstrations on your hands, it’s difficult not to buy anything when they do that. Plus, I really like the idea of natural ingredients!

I also went and bought another thing that looked really amazing, First Snow.


It’s a powder that you sprinkle on your skin that makes it sparkle like snow. I just thought it was so pretty and I really loved the idea of using that when I go out or want to take photos.

I tested it on my hands and look at how pretty it is!


I’m kind of sad that this product is limited edition, hope they still make it next year because the Snow Fairy line is special to me, you probably know why because it’s the same as my site name. I didn’t even know about Lush’s Snow Fairy when I gave my site this name.

The Yog Nog soap is one of my favourite soaps in Lush.


Why? It smells so sweet and delicious, it may as well be a block of food for me to eat! Though I don’t think I want to taste it to find out that the taste doesn’t exactly fit in what I’ve imagined, but it’s just so good!

I really have a thing with smells that remind me of delicious foods, especially ones that smell like this. My other favourites are the oatmeal and honey soaps. But this just tops the cake! I also love that I was able to get this on Boxing Day sale, which meant it was half price.

So I shall look forward to rubbing this delicious soap on me, hopefully I won’t mistaken it as food!


Other than these precious items, I really wanted to get that bubblegum lip scrub but it was sold out at two stores I went to. Looks like those are too irresistible!

10 Homemade Bath Salts, Body and Lip Scrub

I’m totally addicted to scrubs now, they smelt amazing, are wonderful exfoliant, and is healing. Here’s a roundup of my favourite homemade salts, body and lip scrub.

1. Homemade Lavender Bath Salt: If you’ve been stressed out, make some lavender bath salt and melt away your troubles with these healing salts in the bath.


(via Everything Etsy)

2. Mint mojito DIY bath salts: Bath salt made of cooling mint and lime, perfect for a bath in summer.

Mint mojito DIY bath salts

(via Hello Natural)

3. Beach Cottage Beauty, honey, lemon & sugar DIY face scrub recipe: The sweet scent of lemon and honey is an absolutely perfect treat for your face.


(via A Beach Cottage)

4. DIY! I Made That: Body Scrub: A beautifully crafted jar of pink and white body scrub, amazing to gift someone, and looks so great too! Check out Pink Paislee’s wonderful label collections.


(via Pink Paislee)

5. Brown Sugar Lip Scrub: If you have chapped lips, use this brown sugar lip scrub to exfoliate.


(via craftinge)

6. Vanilla Rose Sugar Scrub: With the fragrance of roses, vanilla bean and coconut, this makes such a heavenly scrub! Perfect for gifts as well.


(via A Pumpkin And A Princess)

7. Organic Coffee Scrub: If you love the smell and taste of coffee, this is the scrub for you.


(via 733 Blog)

8. Cherry Blossom Sugar Body Scrub: A delicate, sweet body scrub that’s got the soft pinkness of cherry blossoms, and will feel like heaven on your body!


(via Le Zoe Musings)

9. Mint and Green Tea Body Scrub: Green tea is such a powerful antioxidant, and works amazingly on the skin too. This will give your skin a healthy makeover!


(via Go Make Me)

10. Peppermint Sugar Scrub with Free Printable Labels: This is such a great idea for a Christmas gift, a peppermint scrub that comes with a candy cane.


(via Mom 4 Real)

It all started when I was in the mall, and someone got me to try this dead sea salt scrub and my skin felt so nice afterwards that I decided to look up ways to make it, as it was much cheaper that way. I’ve mad a collection of my favourites online, so hope you check out these DIY tutorials and make some of them to pamper yourselves.

How to get rid of Acne


I’ve battled with acne for almost a decade, and even as a 27 year old, it is still pretty bad at times. Though I have noticed that doing my routine each day helps the acne significantly. Of course, that does not mean I am free, but it has gone from not being able to go out due to severe acne to a few that I can hide with concealer.

1. Start the day with drinking a glass of lemon water, then be sure to drink 8 glasses of water. This helps your body clean out toxins and helps put your skin in the best possible condition from the inside.

2. Replace all white sugar with dates, coconut sugar or molasses.

3. Sip on a cup of green tea, perhaps you may need decaf if you get affected by caffeine, or brew some matcha or green tea leaves.

Green tea has amazingly high antioxidants that’s good for you, plus there are components in green tea that counteract sebum production, that is one of the main causes of acne.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, include some nuts, fresh fruits and veggies (ie: grapes, avocado, broccoli), brown rice, garlic and oily fish like salmon. These will help replenish your body with essential nutrients so that your body can fight the acne as best as it could.

5. Have a green smoothie, include some kale, spinach, cucumber, carrots, lots of fruits, etc.

6. Once or twice a week, add boiling water in a bowl and have your face on top sitting in the steam. This is called steaming your face, and helps open up pores so you can clean them out.

7. Be sure to wash your face at the end of the day with a really good cleanser, I like to use Lush Fresh Farmacy and Herbalism to wash my face, then use a tea tree toner (either Lush or The Body Shop), and a moisturiser. I love Body Shop Skin Clearing Lotion.

Carley’s Clear and Smooth is another brand I’ve bought from and used, which I enjoyed.

8. Once a week or so, you may wish to use a face mask. You can buy them or use ones you make yourself. My favourite ingredients to put on the face mask: Matcha, lemon juice, honey, oatmeal, apple cider vinegar, cacao powder, Greek yoghurt, turmeric.

9. Have some emergency spot treatment available, such as pure tea tree oil.

10. Rub your face with lemon slices each day.

11. Be sure to keep your face away from dirty stuff like old, unwashed clothes or things that may have bacteria.

12. Be sure to eat food rich in zinc, or take a vitamin with it. Zinc is a great antibacterial agent and can help control hormones that trigger acne.

13. Remove diary in from your diet, as that for some reason, the hormones found in diary products such as milk can cause lots of acne breakouts. Coconut and nuts are great alternatives to replace dairy, such as coconut cream, nut milks, etc.

14. Resveratrol is something that has been known to fight acne, so a little bit of red white or red grapes may be great, or take a supplement.

15. Get plenty of sleep and be sure to keep stress levels low.

16. Try not to pick on the pimples if you possibly can, if you really cannot help it, use tweezers or wait until you know you can get rid of the full thing. Sometimes, pimples that are not yet mature cannot be taken out, which will make you scar while it keeps growing and you will want to pop it a day later when it comes back.

Please know that we’re all different, so this may or may not work for you. It sure has worked for me when I’ve tried to do most of the list consistently.

Current Favourite Acne Fighting Products


I usually have a list of favourite acne fighting products that work best for me. Right now, I am using these three as they are amazing and works extremely well for me.

Top Favourites

Lush Fresh Farmacy

It may have an interesting smell, but this stuff is really healing! I use this first on my face in my current face washing regime. The ingredients in this soap is said to have healing properties and can fight acne causing bacteria.

Lush Herbalism

This is the second product I use after the Fresh Farmacy. I have to say, the smell has grown on me so much that I am almost addicted to it that it’s quite scary! I really love the herb smell, I just grab a small pinch, wet it and scrub it all over my face for about a minute. I like to leave it on for a little while so my face gets to absorb all that goodness. It really makes my skin feel nice and soft, and has decreased the amount of acne I get in the time I’ve used it.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

I know I’m probably suppose to use stuff from the same brand but I just find that this moisturiser works so well for my skin, which is usually oily. I find that whenever I apply moisturiser, it becomes quite greasy, but this absorbs right in and makes my skin feel really amazing. I have noticed a decrease in acne after using this after watching my face.

These are just my top three for the moment. I usually like to try new products to see which works better, and may have new favourites in time. Though please understand that everyone’s skin is different, so what works for me may not be what works best for you.

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